We make it easy for local and international employers to benefit from hiring bright, ambitious UBC Engineering Co-op students.  From assistance with job descriptions to arranging interviews and work visas, we make the recruitment and hiring process simple for you.

Email your job description to eng.coop@ubc.ca or call 604-822-3022 to connect with our team.  Or, you can choose to use our self-service web-based portal, EngCORE.

The position is posted for 3-5 business days.  We will notify you when the application packages (i.e., cover letter, resume and transcript) are ready for your review.   Select the Co-op students of interest.  Then, based on your availability, we coordinate the interviews for you.  You may choose to conduct interviews at UBC’s Vancouver or Okanagan campuses, at your workplace, via telephone or by video conference.

Select and hire your Co-op student.  Following a continuous placement process, offers received will be made to student on a first-come first-served basis.  Your Co-op Coordinator will extend the offer to students according to your hiring preference.  The chosen student(s) will have 2 business days to either accept or decline the job offer.  If the student does not accept the offer, the coordinator will contact the next student on your preference list.  This process will continue until the job offer is accepted if you provide multiple students.

After the match has been confirmed, you can send a formal Offer Letter to the Co-op Office (eng.coop@ubc.ca) to be recorded and provided to the student.

Equipped with knowledge, enthusiasm and a ready-to-work attitude, UBC Engineering Co-op students make noticeable contributions in companies around the world from Vancouver to Europe to the Asia Pacific. The benefits of hiring our students include meeting your future recruitment needs and achieving your business objectives – present and future.

Your Rewards:
1. Opportunity to screen potential full-time employees
2. Cost effective way to recruit short-term employees
3. Access to high-achieving and skilled students who have been pre-selected by UBC Engineering Co-op
4. Professional co-op staff who arrange interviews for you
5. Students who are available for four, eight, or twelve-month work terms
6. Contact with leading-edge faculty researchers at UBC Vancouver and Okanagan campuses

As a co-op employer, your responsibilities are the same as they would be for any temporary employee. But you’re not in it alone. Our co-op coordinators will work with you to monitor and evaluate students’ progress every step of the way.
Please feel free to review our Employer Resources section which includes our Supervisor Guidelines on what to expect during the co-op student’s time with you.

Your responsibilities:
1. Supervision – Even the most qualified students required mentoring and direction. The assignment or project and your personal supervisory style will dictate the appropriate level
2. Interaction – To ensure both you and our students are getting the most of the co-operative education experience, our co-op coordinators will set up and onsite evaluation or phone conference with you for feedback during each four-month co-op work term
3. Evaluation – You will be asked to complete an evaluation of the student’s performance nearing the completion of the work term and discuss the results with the student. Your evaluation will act at 50% of the student’s grade for the work term


  • Consult our recruitment timelines to view our students’ schedules and the best time to post a position.
  • Enhance your partnership with the UBC Engineering Co-op Program and our students by becoming a corporate sponsor.
  • Access job templates, a sample offer letter, Supervisor Guidelines, and more, by visiting Employer Resources.
  • Review historical averages of co-op student salaries arranged by discipline.
  • See if your position or company is eligible for any additional sources of funding.

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