Coordinated International Experience

Interested in expanding your horizons by studying abroad?

The Coordinated International Experience Program opens a world of experience

The Applied Science Coordinated International Experience (CIE) program is exclusively for UBC Applied Science students. The program offers equivalency in academic credit for a pre-selected and pre-approved set of courses over one academic semester at one of our CIE international partner institutions.

Courses are taught in English, and the academic credit you receive from your approved courses taken abroad will count fully towards your UBC degree.

How you will benefit from a Coordinated International Experience

Spending a semester studying abroad will offer you an unforgettable academic and cultural experience. Participating in the program will immerse you in a new culture, expand your international network of friends, future colleagues, employers, and professors. You will gain new technical skills and expertise by learning in a foreign country.

Gaining an international perspective – either by studying abroad through the Coordinated International Experience program or through an international co-op or co-curricular experience – will broaden your perspective.

Study at an acclaimed international university

The Faculty of Applied Science has worked with a select group of international peer institutions to match their courses to the UBC Applied Science curriculum. Our partner institutions are recognized internationally as academic leaders and were selected deliberately because their course offerings complement UBC Applied Science degree programs.

Each UBC Applied Science student who attends a partner Coordinated International Experience institution will receive a $1,000 Coordinated International Experience Award during their term abroad.

Obtain full credit towards your degree requirements

As a Coordinated International Experience student, you will be registered in UBC CIE courses at the partner institution and you will receive credit for these courses on your UBC transcript that will fully count towards your degree requirements. Grades will be recorded on UBC transcripts as pass/fail for CIE-approved courses to avoid issues regarding institution-specific international grade scales. You will also receive a transcript from the university where you have completed your international academic term.

Benefits of participating in the Coordinated International Experience program

Why participate in the CIE program? In addition to experiencing the personal transformation that comes from living and studying abroad, you will:

  • complete the courses required for progression in your UBC Applied Science degree during your term abroad;
  • obtain a transcript documenting your stay at an international partner institution;
  • be exposed to new technical skills, technical expertise and specialized equipment usage;
  • have the ability to participate in specialized applied science courses available exclusively at the international host institute;
  • build your network of international peers, potential employers and professors engaged in your area of interest; and
  • expand your résumé with a unique international experience


The CIE program is administered through the Faculty of Applied Science Professional Development office. Contact us today to:

  • learn more about CIE partner institutions,
  • get help with the CIE application process, and
  • ask questions about how CIE can be integrated with your academic curriculum.

Coordinated International Experience  [**Our office location has changed to KAIS 1100**]
Faculty of Applied Science
1100-2332 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Phone 604 827 2002

Program Assistant: Maki Sumitani

If you are a student at the UBC Okanagan campus, feel free to contact our central Vancouver office above or address questions to Samantha Luckow at the Okanagan campus (e-mail: / phone: 250 807-9436 / office: EME 3259).


Coordinated International Experience program on:

UBC Applied Science
Engineering Undergraduate Student Services

(For students coming to UBC on exchange, please refer to the UBC Go Global page)

Research Abroad: Looking for research opportunities after CIE? These CIE partners also offer structured research programs (apply through Go Global on their Research Abroad page):

City University of Hong Kong – College of Science and Engineering Summer Research Exchange Programme
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – Research Internship
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – Summer@EPFL-Computer Science
Nanyang Technological University – Global Research Internship Program
National Taiwan University – Laboratory Research & Culture Program
National University of Singapore – Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science
Technical University of Munich – Practical Research Experience Program
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – SENG International Internship Program

Summer at the Technical University of Denmark:
Both CIE students and non-CIE students can take advantage of the Summer University DTU which offers over 100 courses in the science and engineering subject areas. Students can study for one or more of their three-week long sessions, which are offered in June, July and August. The majority of courses are taught in English.

Green Challenge (Grøn Dyst) Conference at the Technical University of Denmark:
Participate in the annual International Student Conference and Competition called Green Challenge (in Danish = Grøn Dyst) through the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which focuses on the topics of sustainability, the environment, and climate technology. This year the conference is on Friday, June 22, 2018. Participation in Green Challenge is free of charge – and for students selected to participate in the 2 day programme leading up to the conference, DTU will even pay for food and accommodation.

Choose from either:

  • a 2 day DTU introduction and tour programme + Green Challenge conference
  • a 3 week course at DTU + Green Challenge conference

If you have a green project idea and would like to participate in the Green Challenge conference, please contact UBC will nominate selected applicants to DTU.
All other enquiries about the Green Challenge should be directed towards


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